Previous web design clients required anything from minor to major edits, and from continuous development of an already-existent site to constructing a site from scratch. I have worked on both service pages and product pages. Each website has its own voice, which I either analyzed and adopted for consistency throughout the site, or helped develop.

Elements of web design that I am familiar with include: HTML, site builders such as WordPress and Magento, keyword research, Photoshop, finding suitable non-copyright pictures, WooCommerce, jump-tos, widgets, and more.

You can find an example of how I helped design article pages on my creative writing page. More examples are below, and even more can be provided upon request.

Pictured here are jump-to links. I designed this portion of the page and all of the parts that these buttons lead to, and I programmed in the ability to link to another part of the same page. This example can be viewed here.


Most of Central Security Group’s site needed to be restructured for SEO purposes, and I helped throughout the site. On this page, I was tasked with getting the contact info for all branches on the sidebar without it looking too crowded, and without it running too far below the contact form.