I have either managed or helped develop the social media presence for multiple clients at different stages. Some clients already had an established voice that was well researched and well developed. These clients merely needed their presence maintained, and their audience grown. For these clients, I reviewed previous posts to figure out what kinds of posts to make and what the voice was so that I could keep the voice consistent.




Some clients were starting their social media presence from scratch. For these clients, I looked through the posts of their competitors, researched keywords, and varied my posts to determine what the client’s followers responded best to. These clients required a lot of follower gathering. (Of course, trying to get more followers is an integral part of managing any social media presence.) The clients who had a social media presence that either needed a lot of work or a little tweaking required a some of the same work as the ones starting from scratch.




I am experienced with running Facebook ads, running contests and surveys through various social media channels, preparing future campaigns, and gathering and analyzing monthly analytics. I am experienced with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hootsuite, Google +, and more.