I specialize in all areas of creative writing. I can help write or edit any creative text, and I can take parameters and write a creative text from scratch.

I have written several blog posts and online articles. These entailed research, interviews, and/or visiting venues. They varied in length and I added non-copyright or other pictures as needed. I also did keyword research for the blogs to help get them to the top of search results.

Above: snippet of one article I wrote for Sparks Law Firm. These articles, written along with a co-worker, can be found here.  Process included restructuring several FAQs into articles, designing the pages, and creating jump-tos for the important topics.


Above: snippet of a blog post for my former employer. This post can be found here. I did the research and writing of the article. A co-worker added the pictures.

I have also written and helped edit short stories, novels, essays, non-fiction stories, plays, and poems. Examples of these and more examples of blogs/articles that I have written can be provided upon request.