As the Content Manager for the SEO firm Link Right Media, I am in charge of writing and editing a wide variety of content. My main role consists of writing web pages for a personal injury attorney. In addition, I am in charge of editing all other content written by our other writers, and I mark-up and publish all content. I also do all the keyword research for the web pages, and previously did all the keyword research for the blogs as well.

Before working at Link Right Media, I worked at Wired SEO, which was another SEO consultation firm. At Wired SEO, I specialized in most areas of web marketing. I ran the social media pages for Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks, and later for both Part Catalog and Wired SEO. This included analyzing monthly analytics, preparing future campaigns, running weekly contests, and running paid ads.

My job also included contributing to the web pages of all our clients, which required keyword research, adopting a consistent voice, and more, for each individual client and page. Other duties of the job included writing blog posts, optimizing YouTube videos, email marketing, and running a nationwide survey – to name a few tasks – all with strict deadlines and little-to-no supervision.

I am excellent at catching even the most minute errors; I am even one of the rare few who can catch my own mistakes as I have trained my brain to read what I wrote, rather than what I meant to write.