Sara Pursell, the Director of Content Marketing for Everyday Media Group. Located in Fort Worth. Former vocalist of the progressive metal band The Results.

Sara Pursell is an expert in all things content marketing. She can effectively use keyword research tools to determine what pages a website needs, along with what content each page should contain and the most important keywords to incorporate into each page. In her experience, content SEO is about much more than slapping some keywords into a wall of text. She’s developed the skills to ensure that every page is readable and has keywords that are not only present, but also used in the correct contexts and used enough without keyword stuffing. She knows how to determine what readers are searching for within a page and ensure that every page has those necessary elements. Furthermore, she incorporates elements such as trust signals, a gripping intro, and a strong call to action to effectively motivate visitors to convert.

To be an effective content manager, she believes that one must do much more than just learn a few keywords and know what the client’s products/services are. She takes the time to understand the products or services, learn the intended audience, find out what sets clients apart from their competition, understand the specific issues relating to their industry and service area, and much more. She communicates specific information to the writers and scans every piece of content to ensure that it adheres to her Four Core Tenets of Acceptable Content, which she’s painstakingly developed over the years. All of this means that the content she manages has the best chance of ranking and the best chance of getting people to convert.

As for blogs, she is one of the foremost authorities on achieving featured snippets. In a former position, she took care of blogs from start to finish – she found the topics, wrote the blogs, edited them, and optimized them. Those blogs almost always ranked, and she had a greater-than-normal success rate of achieving featured snippets. In her current role, when she has the opportunity to optimize blogs, they reach the number 1 position almost every time, and they achieve a featured snippet around 1/3 of the time.

She also has the skills necessary to audit the content on sites and determine how to improve rankings and reverse negative trends. As a team member of busy agencies, she has also developed other skills relating to the field of web marketing. She has been a social media manager and has helped with review management. She has written homepages, service pages, city pages, and blogs, and she has also worked as a copyeditor. She has organized the content, design, and marketing plan for infographics, and she has helped develop homepage designs. She has also developed some technical SEO knowledge. In addition to WordPress sites, she has also personally worked on Magento sites and Jekyll sites.

Visit her portfolio site or her LinkedIn to view her work.

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