Web Page – Criminal Law Articles Front Page


Source: http://justinsparkslaw.com/criminal-law-articles/

Tasks for this project:

  • Choosing a color theme
  • Designing the background – I chose the design, using a part of the scales behind each article snippet to give it a unique design and nice flow
  • Designing the buttons
  • Writing the copy at the top of the page

Blog Post – What is an Appeal?


Source: http://www.justinsparkslaw.com/appeal-definition-process-timeline/

Tasks for this project:

  • Converting FAQs into articles
  • Keyword research – there were around 40 FAQs, and we needed to determine how to use that information to most optimally craft the articles
  • Creating jump-to’s within the articles
  • Designing pages
  • Writing – I rewrote and structured this particular article myself

Blog Post – Structuring a Service Page


Source: https://www.wiredseo.com/structuring-a-service-page-building-blocks-for-seo-success/

Tasks for this project:

  • Research – I was given a topic and then had to do the research for the blog post
  • Writing/editing of the post
  • SEO optimization

Blog Post – Small Business Website Vulnerability


Source: https://www.linkrightmedia.com/small-business-website-attacks/

Tasks for this project:

  • Research – although I was provided context for the post, the link I was given went to a blog that was stretched into 300 words. It took extra research to create a good 500-word blog post.
  • Writing, editing, and finding a picture to go with it.

Web Page – Pediatric Eye Care


Source: lookandseevision.com/pediatric-eye-care/

Tasks for this project:

  • Research, writing, and editing
  • Finding the picture to go with the post
  • SEO optimization

Web Page – Tax Evasion


Source: http://www.justinsparkslaw.com/federal/tax-evasion/

Tasks for this project:

  • Reformating the client’s rough draft, which was full of “legalese,” into something more welcoming for potential clients
  • Editing, SEO optimization, and finding a fitting picture